About company

History of the Company

  • Modern cold-storage factory is being built near railway station Kushelevka.
  • Leningrad`s cold-storage factory is brought into production.
  • Factory continues to work even in most hard days of the World War Two.
  • Factory starts an ice cream and wafer production.
  • Kakabadze Badri Davidovich is elected president on April 20th. Now he holds the position of chairman of board of directors.
  • Leningrad`s cold-storage factory is re-named as OAO Petroholo.
Present days
  • OOO Petroholod is one of the seven biggest ice cream producers in Russia and the top seller in the category “ice cream” in Saint-Petersburg  and North-western Federal district..
Co-founder and President of OOO «PetroholodGroup», Kakabadze Badri Davidovich
Mission Statement
We keep up our manufacturing traditions and implement innovations to ensure our consumers with excellent quality!
Our Quality Policy:
  • Keep up manufacturing traditions and maintain high standards of quality according to GOST which is based on EASC technical standards.
  • Pay special attention to innovations and development of exclusive recipes
  • Expand brand exposure in retail and wholesale networks to offer wide product range for consumers
Geographical distribution

OOO Petroholod

Company products are presented in retail and wholesale shops in all Russia: from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin and from Murmansk to Sochi.

Ice Creams products are available in:

  • More than 800 cafes and restaurants in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Region
Independent Retail
  • 1800 shops in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Region
All chain shops in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Region


  • "Азбука вкуса", "Ашан", "Верный", "Градусы всего мира", "Дикси", "Димарт", "Здоровый малыш", "Карусель, "К-руока", "Лайм", "Лента", "ЛЭНД", "Метро", "Нетто", "ОКЕЙ", "Перекресток", "Пловдив", "Полушка", "Призма", "Пятерочка", "Пятачок", "Реалъ", "РиоМаркет", "Семья", "Спар", "Стокман", "Супер Библион", "7 шагов"

Group of companies Petroholod is open for mutual cooperation:

Ice Cream production under private brands:
Contact us on: +7 (965) 048-25-15
Food products distribution
Contact Us on: +7 (812) 449-6-449
Renting warehouses for dry goods
Contact Us on: +7 (965) 048-25-55
Renting low-temperature warehouses
Contact Us on: +7 (965) 048-25-55
Safe Storage
Contact Us on: +7 (965) 048-25-55
Logistics Services
Contact Us on: + +7 (905) 233-04-87
3 PL services
Contact Us on: +7 (905) 233-04-87

Description of warehouse complex owned by Petroholod group of companies
  • Warehouse complex with refrigerated storerooms is located close to the city centre and the highway
  • Warehouse complex includes two five-storeyed buildings with ramps and comfortable road access
  • Cold stores are equipped with elevators with high payload capacity. All necessary stores inventory are available for the reception, weighing and storekeeping goods.
  • Storage capacity is 23000 tonnes
  • Territory of the warehouses is guarded 24 hours. To enter or leave the territory one has to pass through the access mode.
Safe Storage Services
  • Storage is provided at a temperature from +8°С to -18°С.
  • Warehouses are attended by qualified stock managers, store-keepers and trained staff responsible for controlling the temperature regime in cold stores.
  • Loading-unloading operations
  • Sorting by producers and by dates.