In 1993, Refrigerant Factory No. 6 is transformed into an open joint-stock company "Petroholod" and there is a large-scale renovation and improvement of production.

To date, Petroholod is equipped with high-tech equipment: Tetra Pak Hoyer - Denmark
Tehnogel - Italy
Ice group - Poland
The whole cycle of production of mixtures is controlled by electronics. 


Productive capacity of the factory is more than 10000 tonnes of ice cream annually. Continuous boiling process accounts for 5 tonnes of ice cream per hour, 55 tonnes per day. All process of mixture manufacturing is controlled by electronic engineering. “Straightline-800” production line produces 12 tonnes of ice cream per shift (ice cream bars, stick ice cream bars, ice cream rolls). 100% frequency of the production lot.

Distinctive manufacturing features
  • Ice Cream is produced with 100% genuine milk
  • INo vegetable oil, only dairy butter
  • IStrict laboratory control on organoleptic, physicochemical and microbiological indicators
  • ICaramel cream is manufactured accordingly to the old recipes without any flavourings or food colours
  • ISorbet and sherbet are manufactured from genuine berries only
  • IWe have our own wafer workshop
  • IWe keep up traditions and maintain high quality system
  • IThe process of ice mixture manufacturing is fully automatized
  • IOur company was first in Russia to start producing ice cream bars